Will Huckabee Watch the Super Bowl at Church or in a Bar?

Michael Perelman brings us an odd piece by Alexendra Alter and comments:

the league is not protecting intellectual property, but want parishioners to go to bars instead of churches on Sunday.

Ms. Alter writes:

One unlikely match-up Sunday pits two powerhouse opponents against each other: the National Football League and the Christian church. On one side are church-sponsored Super Bowl parties with big-screen TVs, soft drinks and some soul-saving talk at halftime. On the other are NFL lawyers threatening to crack down on unauthorized use of the game. The league, which owns both the Super Bowl name and the broadcast, has restrictions that limit TV screens to 55 inches at public viewings, except at venues like bars and restaurants that regularly broadcast sporting events. Airing the game at events that promote a message, including a religious message, is forbidden. Churches have long used the Super Bowl to draw newcomers and build fellowship among congregants.

I did not know that churches even threw Super Bowl parties. Good for them. Not to pick on the Governor of Arkansas as he may have even that much interest in this game between the team from Boston and the team from New York but I’m sure he has an opinion over the NFL favoring drinking beer over worshipping God.

I just learned that there is a bar on the Upper East Side of Manhattan called Brady’s that has renamed itself Eli’s (my mistake – the name will be Manning’s) for today only. Now that’s getting into the spirit! I’m torn on this game. While I’d love to see the Patriots to eclipse that 1972 “perfect season” of the Miami Dolphins, my fellow New Yorkers are really getting into tonight’s game. No offense to Governor Huckabee, but maybe I’ll watch the game from an NYC bar and at least pretend I’m cheering for the Giants. I certainly be hoping for a close game.