Walking Closets and Banorama Views

A friend (we’ll call her “Heidi”) of the Ex-GF is leaving her husband. The Ex-GF has taken it upon herself to help Heidi find an apartment, and has been scouring Craig’s List. Now, we all make spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, but, well, here are excerpts of an ad she found and forwarded to me:

single with banorama veiw for L.A. buglow house

nice clean with hard wood floor lots of closet and walking closet ,bright and suney, kitchen with breakfast eara has aveiw to downtown, has remdle bath room ,front yard ,backyard both gated nice and quiet please call me to show it in appot. Emy xxx-xxx-xxxx

I’ve always been scared of walking closets, not to mention banorama views in buglow houses. But all kidding aside… does it make sense to rent an apartment after seeing an ad like this? I would imagine the ad is a signal that communication with the landlord would be problematic.