Tucker Carlson on the Alleged McCain Scandal(s)

It does not get any funnier than this.

But in reality, Carlson only “jumps to the defense” of fellow conservatives subject to allegations of impropriety. When President Clinton came under such allegations, Carlson beat the drums incessantly.

OK, we know Tucker Carlson is a hypocrite. But Tucker should check with Matthew Yglesias:

Basically, in exchange for money and freebies, McCain sought to intervene in a federal regulatory process in favor of a company that had provided him with tens of thousands of dollars in cash and services. He could try to plead naiveté, but in light of the hot water he got into with the Keating Five affair, which had the exactly same structure, he clearly knew what he was doing and knew that it was wrong. Now whether or not some guy gets to buy some TV station in Pittsburgh or not isn’t a big deal as such, but it’s an example of how dubious McCain’s “straight talk” persona is. What’s more, I think we can all agree that the subversion of the basic functioning of the federal government (see, e.g., US Attorneys scandal, FEMA, etc.) has been a major problem during the Bush years and we see here that McCain takes a Bush-like attitude to the integrity of these processes.

No Tucker – this story involved more than sex.