OldVet Listens to Jack Kingston

This one is by OldVet…

I was watching the unwholesome but humorous Bill Maher the other night and heard Rep. Jack Kingston,R-GA, say that Barack Obama wasn’t patriotic and wouldn’t salute the American flag. This was a fake talking point in one of the two vicious attack emails from the Republican right wing I had gotten and forwarded to the Obama campaign a month ago, which also included numerous racial and religious insults.

Mr. Kingston is a slight man, blue eyed and mild looking with glasses, a member of the Episcopalian Church in Savannah, with four kids and was formerly an insurance salesman with Palmer & Cay in Savannah before entering politics. He’s in his 8th term in the US Congress. His District was gerrymandered to carve off most of Savannah, luckily for him. The remainder was plugged into a weird-shaped Black district stretching all the way to Atlanta. Gotta isolate those “nigrah’s” in their own political box? Guess the “white libruls” just got dropped in the Savannah river.

As Kingston chatted about the brilliant son of Hawaii with such oily disdain, I checked and found his own patriotism was only skin deep. I found no record he’d ever personally served in the military, despite myriad allusions to “veterans” on his official website. As I watched him chatting with Maher and his fellow right wing speechwriter on the panel, I half closed my eyes and saw a black forked tongue flick out between his lips, and heard the leathery sound of scales as he shifted in his seat. I wondered what would burst forth from his skin if one were to waterboard him, a practice he seems to favor?

It almost made me send a letter to some newspapers, but then I thought: if people will vote for that kind of phony trash, they deserve him. It also reminded me why I left home in Savannah at a young age almost five decades ago, and never moved back. Things don’t seem to have changed, except for the worse. Maybe the Lord will render a miracle down there in the next election?

This one was by OldVet.