Kevin Drum on SuperDelegateGate

The whole fuss over those evil superdelegates is getting stupid. Kevin Drum allows Chris Bowers to state the case against having the Democratic nomination decided by superdelegates. But then Kevin brings us back to reality:

More importantly, though, who decides what the popular will is anyway? Is it number of pledged delegates from the state contests? Total popular vote? Total number of states won? What about uncommitted delegates from primary states? Or caucus states, in which there’s no popular vote to consult and delegates are selected in a decidedly nondemocratic fashion to begin with?

Notice something – Obama isn’t even talking about the popular vote preferring to talk about pledged delegates. Kevin continues:

I’m not very excited at the idea of superdelegates deciding the nomination either, but the only way that will happen is if the primaries end up nearly tied in the first place. Then factor in the number of ways in which the primary/caucus process is nondemocratic from the get go, and it hardly seems practical to insist that superdelegates should all somehow divine a single “democratic” result from a very close race. I’m just not sure how you can do it. Better to simply respect them as human beings and party loyalists, and allow them to vote their consciences.

Exactly! Now Obama did well yesterday. So how did the GOP front runner do? Kevin also that one too and it was not pretty.