How Faux News Handles Criticism – Discuss How Captain Kirk Was a Stud

Publius watches Faux News so you don’t have to. Let’s just roll the transcript:

Faux Host: “Alright, Julia and Lee, we appreciate it. I’m sure you guys are gonna have alot more jokes for the rest of the campaign year.”

Lee: “Ugh..what? Can I just ask a question?”

Faux Host: “Sure.”

Lee: “What is Fox News? It’s just a parade of propaganda isn’t it? It’s just a festival of ignorance. A million people are dead in Iraq! Come on; this is ridiculous. What’s the point of this?”

Faux Host: “Um..”

Lee: “This is insane.”

Julia: “I love Fox News.”

Lee: “People at home, go outside. Go hug your children.”

Julia: “Lee, you should be more worried that Hillary Clinton is running, and I think – “

Faux Host: “And you get all the news at Fox. You can get all the news you can at Fox News. Alright, thanks guys. Alright, that’s it.

Alright, we’re also talking about Captain Kirk this morning, and hey because it’s Saturday morning we’re having some fun. Hey Gregg, you’ve got the kooshiest job in the world.”

Faux News Gregg: “Look who just beamed aboard right now: the ladies from the starship Enterprise. Hello, welcome. Okay, their friend Bones – you know him as Dr. McCoy – just wrote a new book on Captain Kirk and the way he was able to woo beautiful women like this. It’s all coming up. Stay with us please.

This is even funnier to me as I just watched an old episode of Star Trek only to remember how incredibly short the dresses of the female crew members were. Faux News also loves to show a little leg of the women who pretend to announce the news on their network.

Update: Uncyclopedia has an account called Captain Kirk, Interstellar Space Stud.

Warning – maybe you don’t want to show this to the children.