The Case Against McCain as Presented by Lawrence Kudlow

Kudlow thought he was presenting the case for McCain:

McCain will have a unified Republican party – conservatives and all – working hard for him. He’s also going to win over the Reagan Democrats, the Bush Democrats, and the Perot independents. These folks demand a strong military, want government off their backs, and are sick and tired of growing federal deficits and out-of-control spending. McCain’s their man.

Never mind all hard the first line has Rush Limbaugh laughing. A strong military will mean defense spending will rise by more than all the earmark reductions that McCain could ever even identify. Since Kudlow notes McCain will push for even lower tax rates, we’ll see more spending and less revenue. Only National Review math could make this a platform to reduce those sickening deficits.

Kudlow later suggested that “McCain is no flip-flopper” noting how McCain opposed ethanol subsidies in Iowa and federal insurance in Florida. I guess no one told Larry that McCain voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts (but now supports making them permanent).

But then Larry does get something right about McCain’s rhetoric:

He remained resolute on winning in Iraq, on the surge, and on the need to prevail abroad if we are to remain safe at home. Democrats were talking defeat.

Rather than talking about a sensible approach to the Middle East crisis that horrific decision on March 19, 2003 brought on, McCain (and now Kudlow) want to maintain Bush’s status quo and demonize those of us with any intelligence as defeatist Democrats. Anyone who would abuse war in this way to win an election