Another in the Long List of Folks Praising Market Forces… From as Far Away as He Can Get

Instapundit has a post looking at McCain talk about the subprime mortgage crisis. But apparently its McCain’s attitude that really galls… Instapundit ends with this:

Yeah. And don’t act like a government paycheck makes you morally superior to people in business. Where do you think the money for that paycheck comes from?

To which Tbogg comments:

Spoken like a man with a tenured public university job , a forty post-a-day habit, and a gig on Radio HeeHaw.

FWIW, I have a similar view of McCain the whole subprime mess as Instpundit, and I suspect so does TBogg. But I’ve always been amazed at how many of the folks who are the loudest proponents of a completely free market have managed to isolate themselves from the forces of the market, either by securing some sinecure like tenure or some other form of wingnut welfare, or by inheriting a boat-load of money.