Angry Bear Readers Start to Peer into the Future

With the help of Angry Bear readers and posters, I would like to compose a questionnaire (multiple choice) that can then be posted.

I am asking posters and bloggers to create the questionnaire. Rules for submissions are:

  1. Questions are multiple choice.
  2. Questions concern the world—or the U.S.—a year hence from today.

Here are some examples of what I mean:

The cost of oil/barrel will be 1) under $60 2) $60-$79 3) $80-$99 4) $100-$110 5)Over $110

In 2009, one of the following will be President of the U.S. 1) Hillary 2) Obama 3) McCain 4) Huckabee 5)Republican dark horse 5) Democratic dark horse

The above are merely examples. You may not wish to include either of them–or you may wish to rephrase them.

I will collect the questions and present them back to our readers. After I think all responses are in, I will tally those responses—and, in 2009, we will see how we did.

Submit questions on those areas of interest to you. The number of options following a question is up to you. I would suggest that you include options that cover the bases.

Of course, the questions we collectively submit will tell us a great deal about ourselves. If we miss areas that become pivotal, that will tell us something as well.