To all presidential candidates: Are we becoming another Mexico?

Over at RGmonitor, Boat 52 put forth the following comment.

Slowly but surely the United States is morphing into a larger size twin of Mexico. A small elite ruling class controls politics and enjoys wealth on a scale that is multiples of the average citizen. While the average person is able to enjoy an increase in their quality of life if measured in consumer goods, currency devaluations accomplished no significant increase in prosperity. If it wasn’t for Mexican law that made 100% foreign ownership difficult, Mexico today would be totally owned by U.S. based entities. The next presidential election will be the line in the stand to stabilize the U.S. ship of state. That stabilization must tax the wealthy elite, regardless of political affiliation, end the Roman empire like military base expansion globally, and turn our fighting ability to a war on energy with a real solution in the very short term. The U.S. needs a “dark horse” candidate to win and that individual faces the prospect of being a one term candidate if the measures enacted early in the new term do not show meaningful progress. Failure to elect a agent of change will surely see this decade as the turn in the “American Empire” no different than the turn of the British Empire many years ago. A visit to Mexico spent with the ruling elite (as I have) will open any doubters eyes to the future of the U.S. In conclusion, I must add that I am a lifelong Republican aged 63 who enjoyed a wonderful career on Wall Street and can do whatever I want. Sadly, I don’t see the U.S. as a wonderful environment for my grandson age eight unless changes occur very fast. This election as evidenced in a tiny way last night in Iowa (and some may say that basing forecasts on Iowa is laughable) offers a glimmer of hope. Not because of the stature of the candidates but because of the outpouring of voters who are demanding change.

The mantra of change is easy….but which of the candidates would dare to put forth such an simple agenda? Who would dare to say we are becoming another Mexico?

Tax the elite? End military base expansion? Start a real war on energy?

For me, the agenda, the questions being asked of the candidates are shallow and do not address what is really happening to this country. Are we going to have endless debates about social security? Endless hedging on universal health care? Endless dancing around the issue of tax fairness? Endless paranoia about enemies everywhere? Endless, mindless jingoism.

I want a candidate who has the courage to tell us what is happening to us, to talk about trade, jobs flying oversees, the endlessly revolving corporate lobbying door, a taxation system that favors the wealthy, who tells us that this country is on a downhill slide. And then tells us what we can do. Otherwise, Mexico, here we come.