Titles: Quantum of Solace?

Apropos of nothing, I note the new James Bond movie will be titled Quantum of Solace. When I was a kid, I read all the Ian Fleming James Bond books and short stories… and Quantum of Solace was the best of them. But James Bond played virtually no role in the story – the story, as I recall, is one told to James Bond by the governor of some British colony or other in the Caribbean, and its about a young foreign service officer and his problem, er, wife.

But I believe all the James Bond movies have gotten their titles from one of the books or short stories, even though few have had any relationship with the book or story whose title they shared. And I wonder why that is… especially since “Quantum of Solace,” as a title, is going to be remembered by very, very few people. And my guess is that most people who remember it, like me, will no longer be part of the prime demographic for the movie and may end up not seeing it all.

Any thoughts?