Via Andrew Sullivan, this from Pew Research

Pretty much the only economic issue that Republicans care about is making tax cuts permanent… and it really doesn’t seem like that’s good for the economy. I tend to agree with Reps about reducing the effect of lobbyists, but it does seem kinda odd that this comes up after the K Street Project. Moral breakdown – that must be something about them uppity queers trying to marry each other, women dressing like slatterns, and people other than Republican politicians getting them some. My guess is that in 1968, it would also be a priority – but the story would focus on them uppity colored folks trying to marry white women, women dressing like slatterns, and people other than Republican politicians getting them some. Dealing with illegal immigration is easy – if Tyson Foods or Conagra or some farm keeps hiring illegal immigrants, you have to assume at some point that the folks at the top are either encouraging it or looking the other way. Apply the RICO statutes and throw a few CEOs in jail for a very long time. Until the rank and file comes out for that solution, I don’t believe they really want to do anything other than harass them some uppity messicans. Terrorism… it seems the key to this one is definition. Its been a boffo job so far – no terrorism attacks since 9/11. Nevermind anthrax, or the attacks on the soil of our friends – they’re a buncha foreigners anyway, what do we care?

Another priority… the military – again, my guess is the problem starts at the top. I imagine we really do have the finest military in the world. That its taking longer to beat some very unpopular cave dwelling fanatics in Afghanistan than it did to beat the Third Reich and the Empire of Japan is a leadership issue. You either do something about that, or you are simply calling for getting bogged down in another third world country.

Update… The original link to the Pew poll was broken. Horatio Parker sent the correct link. My apologies.

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