Pillow Talk in the White House

Krugman’s Lessons of 1992 must be heeded.

…if the next president doesn’t arrive with a plan that is broadly workable in outline, by the time the thing gets fixed the window of opportunity may well have passed

Unfortunately, Krugman skirts the larger issue–the one at the core of many of our problems: Power brokers–powerful ex politicians, ex-governmental appointees and ex-military who now sell their services and influence to the highest bidder.

Edwards refuses to take money from PACS; the same cannot be said of Hillary and Obama.
I was going to do a satirical pillow talk sketch between Hillary and Bill before or after she had been elected.

Bill, in case you do not know, has become a lobbyist, a lobbyist for Dubai. Imagine: An ex-president, the husband of the President, doing bedtime lobbying in the White House. Both Bill and Bob Dole took money to promote Dubai’s interest in the 22 port deal that caused such a ruckus a year or so ago.

Hillary, who once tried to develop a real health care plan, now is in bed with the pharmaceuticals. Have you all forgotten who actually wrote the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003?

Obama says he can deal with the drug companies and special interests. What’s he going to do? Pose for them? Is he naïve or what? Granted he does take a great picture: Noble, eyes focused above the crowd, looking, I am sure, at some heavenly city on a hill to which he will certainly lead us. How easily we are gulled by poses.

When he called the Canadian premier a president, I winced. Oh no, not another know-nothing. What does the man really know? I could be accused of quibbling here; we all make mistakes. What does stick in my craw is Krugman’s point—and the money thing. Obama looks visionary; it’s just a pose.

There is a reason Edwards has not gotten airtime. He doesn’t take the money. He gets my vote. The guy has class.

I give you all two numbers, executive orders: 12834 –1993 and 13184 –2000. They frame the Clinton presidency. At one time I was Clinton fan.

Google them. Learn something.

After you Google them, remember where he gets his money now.

America is for sale. I find it despicable.

Touch the big moneyed interests and you will find yourself corrupted. Foreign interests are gobbling us up from the outside; politicians, ex-government officials, and ex-military are selling us from the inside.

Henry Kissfinger, for whom does he lobby? Bob Dole? All of them…. This is not my America.
Movie Guy sent me a piece by McCain, describing a POW stitching together an American flag, even after his captors had brutally punished him for doing so. McCain concludes his story saying that we say the pledge with pride. Oh?

For this reason, apparently, we should say the pledge with pride. Well, I am fast losing my pride in the real America, the slim fest that now orgies in the nation’s capital. I don’t care if I vote for someone who will lose–I don’t bet on horses. I want my vote to have some honor attached to it. I want an America of which I can be proud.

Imagine if Hillary wins. Imagine the pillowtalk with her husband the lobbyist, the ex-President.
Have we no shame left? This is where we have arrived, folks.

Bill and Hillary are not the ugly exceptions; they are the norm. That simple image–the two of them cozy under the blankets –is a metaphor for what is happening throughout Washington. Why doesn’t the media pick this up, even the liberal media? You know the reasons. Only a fool would refuse to see it; only a scoundrel would try to justify it.