OldVet on Unity08

OldVet on Unity08…


I hit the daily double with Obama/Edwards the other night, and Huckleberry/Romney on the other side. My betting friends are going to pay off in wine, happily for the in-laws.

There’s clearly a great yearning for change in this country, and we’re at a watershed moment, which is going to be exacerbated by the recession this year. Buffpilot may be correct that the “economy, stupid” becomes the #1 issue in the race.

Given that even the best politicians like Obama can turn into slippery weasels in a race like this, it’s still necessary to put unrelenting pressure on the two parties to start helping the country and its citizens. How to do so, when you know your Congress critters ignore every word you say?

There’s an outfit called “Unity 08” out there that purports to be a bipartisan effort to elect a “unity government” in 2008. It’s website is www.Unity08.com. Maybe it’s quixotic or even off the mark, since it pinpoints excessive partisanship as the problem in national politics today. The American Prospect characterizes it thus :

Newsweek ran a brief profile of Sam Waterston, Law and Order mainstay, great actor, and all-around lovely guy — but, unfortunately, also the celebrity spokesman for one of the lamer examples of establishment anti-politics currently around, Unity08.com. All told, the threat to the republic posed by nasty partisanship is about as real as the threat to seniors posed by medicine-hungry robots.

Unity08.com has an online “convention” in June where you pick a slate of candidates for President and VP. State organizations can also get the Unity party registered to be on the ballot of that state with enough signatures. And the platform is chosen by popular demand on the issues. It’s free and there’s not much but a little time to lose.

It may be fruitless, but here’s a possibility: that Bloomberg and company will fund publicity for Unity, and offer candidates willing to run from both parties. Then you’d have a third party movement explode into the limelight, IMHO. Unity08 is maybe only one tiny vehicle to keep up the pressure but could be more if Bloomberg gets active in financing centrist candidates, if the parties don’t please voters.

If there’s a better way to keep up the pressure on both parties to be responsive to voters, what is it?

This one was by OldVet.