OldVet Looks at the Market Reaction to GW’s Plan – Recognizes it As Hippo Dung

This one is by OldVet.

I guess old George thought since he was the dealer, and he controlled the economic game, and his friends were his best customers, that things would turn out all right before he left office.

After Mr. Bernanke, and the old George made their explanations of how the “stood ready” for whatever short term stimulus and giveaways were needed, the markets on Friday gave their tepid verdict before the long weekend. The voted with their feet and the market declined yet again.

These guys forgot their timing, as they never seem to have learned just how to manipulate those economic cards. They timed their announcements before Martin Luther King Day, the holiday named for a man who truly changed the nation in his time.

This one was by OldVet.