Noni Mausa: There Oughta Be A Word…

This one is by Noni Mausa…

There Oughta Be A Word…

…for news flashes which could have been set in cold type when the newspaper was founded, to be conveniently slapped into the paper whenever appropriate or even randomly, as needed by the editor to fill a little space.

These would include “N Children Die In House Fire”, “Community Leaders Appeal For Calm”, or “Drugs and Weapons Found In Clubhouse Raid”. Oh, and don’t forget, “Two Dead, One Injured in Weekend Party.” Watch for these in the news — they’re surprisingly common.

And then there is this:

Breaking news from CBC News:

U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday called for about $145 billionUS worth of tax relief to stimulate a sagging American economy and fend off a possible recession that is causing financial rumblings around the world. Bush said that in order to be effective, an economic stimulus package would need to represent roughly one per cent of the country’s gross domestic product.

No! You don’t say!

This post was by Noni Mausa.

And still no word why the economy could be in trouble after all the tax cuts and the massive amount of help the Fed has provided for the past seven years. Word to GW: medicine that performs worse than a placebo is not helpful, and may actually be dangerous depending on the side effects.