Mankiw’s Complaint… And What its Meant for the Rest of Us

Since PGL links to Mankiw, I will too. Here he is telling us he’s not in the running for head of the NBER. Good thing too… I wouldn’t be surprised if an NBER led by Greg Mankiw would move the 2001 recession into 1999, and the 1990-1991 recession to 1993-1994. Heck, this entire record would have to change, wouldn’t it?

But enough speculation about what would have been, let’s cut to what is:

Why did I decide not to pursue the job? As in many such decisions in life, various factors were at play, both personal and professional. But what really pushed me over the edge was pending tax policy. With the Bush tax cuts set to expire in a couple years, I am looking for ways to reduce my taxable income.

All I can say is that its unfortunate that one of the architects of the current economy can’t share in the bounty he helped create. Most lucky duckies have already seen their income fall from where it was before GW started with his tax cuts and tax rebates.

There really is no justice in this world. And apparently not much of a sense of shame left either.