Jonah Goldberg on Environmentally Conscious Sex

Which of the following statements from Howler of the Day:

You know, you have environmental groups giving out kits and instructions about how to have environmentally conscious sex. You don’t have conservative groups talking about what kind of condoms you should use or what positions you can be in. That kind of thing doesn’t really go on.

I think Goldberg is against thinks like sodomy laws and he says he’s a conservative. By his logic, no conservative has ever advocated restricting the use of condoms or what positions one might take with a willing partner. But his “logic” does not square with historical reality. But then I guess Mr. Goldberg has never bothered to check reality before uttering such a statement.

But pray tell – what is environmentally conscious sex? I’m a liberal and I don’t going away passing out such kits and instructions. Does anyone know what Mr. Goldberg is babbling about here?