A Preliminary Answer to my Question About the National Review

Several times (most recently here I asked why its such a big deal that the NRO printed erroneous information about Hezbullah fighters in Lebanon when there so many examples (with more of them all the time) of them printing information that is wrong and/or misleading about important economic issues and nobody cares.

I took the liberty of asking the question in the comments section of a Confederate Yankee, a right leaning blog that has been somewhat indignant about the NRO Hezbullah affair and which also allows comments. There haven’t been many responses so far, but assuming CY’s readers are at all representative, I think I have the answer to my question now. I should have known… in comments to many of our posts here at Angry Bear, we sometimes get similar responses.

(Note – please do not consider an invitation to descend en masse upon CY’s readers. I don’t think it would help. But it is a reminder – if you aren’t reading the right wing blogs, you should be.)