OldVet on the Fatwa Against the Dollar

This one is by OldVet…

Fatwa Against the Dollar?

An article in the UK Telegraph has the amusing lead-in as follows: “To all intents and purposes, the Wahabi religious establishment of Saudi Arabia has just issued a fatwa against the US dollar. This bears watching.” I don’t know whether it was the “fatwa” part that made me smile, or the “bears watching.”

Apparently 26 leading clerics are sick of Saudi Arabia importing high inflation because of the peg of the Riyal to the US Dollar, and have petitioned the royalty to toss the common people a bone. A lot of us gnomic observers, rubbing our arthritic knuckles, also prefer a weaker dollar and a stronger Riyal. But given my distaste for the Saudi clergy and government, it pains me to make common cause. Maybe we should have our militant clergy get together with their militant clergy and find a
theocratic solution.

If we are treated to such a spectacle, look for me in top hat and tails, a
croque mort at the funeral of the Dollar. (That’s “pallbearer” in Freedom
Fries lingo.)

This one was by OldVet.