Murder under the Influence

It used to be that the only television I watched was the weekly episode of the Simpsons. I haven’t been watching that as often any more… in the past year, I’ve only caught maybe half the episodes. But the Ex-GF likes CSI – the original ones – so sometimes now I’ll watch a CSI re-run with her (they are new to us). Yesterday the one we were watching was about some kids who knowingly took PCP, and one of them killed another kid. At the end of the hour, she (i.e., the one who did the killing, not the dead one) was charged with murder.

And a question occurred to me – what happens if you take a hallucinogen inadvertently and then kill someone while under the influence. Do you still get charged with murder? And what if someone else fed you that hallucinogen and you had no way of knowing about it or preventing its ingestion – in that case, are you still liable to be charged, or is the person who fed you the hallucinogen the (potentially) guilty party?