McConnell Weighs Lives

Via TPM, a link to the Grayson County News-Gazette of Kentucky quotes United States Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell:

“Our brave soldiers have protected us for six years successfully. If we brought all of them home today (terrorists) they would be back here, so we need to stay the course. It’s gotten better and there is a dramatic decrease in causalities and we have begun to withdraw troops.” said McConnell. ”The polls are reflecting that there is a 15% increase in optimism in American’s views about the war.

“I won’t tell you everything is great in Iraq; it is not. But we want to keep a steady flow of funds so that we don’t disrupt the military,” said McConnell. “Unfortunately, most of our friends on the other isle are having a hard time admitting things are getting better; some days I almost think the critics of this war don’t want us to win. Nobody is happy about losing lives but remember these are not draftees, these are full-time professional soldiers.

Its better for professionals to get killed than draftees? How much better? And why? Is it because we can save on pensions we’d otherwise have to pay professionals but don’t have to pay draftees? Or does it have something to do with the professionals volunteering? Is it still better if they were stop-lossed, or does it only apply to those who are there completely voluntarily?

If a non-Republican made a statement like this, imagine the field day McConnell and his fellow Republicans would have.