Insights on the Presidential Race

There were some very insightful, yet irreverent, analysis this weekend.

First up, a Roger Ailes that isn’t associated with Fox News:

The wingnuts don’t worry that Huckabee takes the Bible literally, they worry that he might take literally the parts they don’t like. They’d love to stone fornicators (unless they’re fornicating themselves or the equivalent, jacking off to beauty pageants) and homosexuals, and put women in their place, just like Huck. But they worry that Jesus will tell Huck not to torture Muslims or piss on the poor, and that they just can’t stomach.

And here’s Atrios:

We need a Democratic president so that the Republicans and their Blue Dog allies in Congress are finally inspired to take back the executive power grabs that they temporarily thought were necessary for the survival of the nation.

What this will mean in practice is that Democratic president will face a firestorm of “scandal” which will make Monica Madness pale in comparison. The powers that Bush claimed will be turned against a Democratic president and will likely be their undoing.

And this scenario is much better than the alternative.

Prepare for the Return of the Black Helicopter…