ILSM on Tax Cuts

This one is by ILSM….

Put off the recession: cut payroll taxes.

BusinessWeek interviewed Martin Feldstein this week.

He thinks the economy is weak and needs stimuli to avoid a recession. He told the magazine that there should be a tax cut.

More help from future generations to keep us free of a few necessary corrections in our wasteful approach toward life. Instead we should be doing for our grand kids.

So, I was thinking why not cut Social Security Administration payroll taxes. The outflow of money for SS retirement is much less than the inflow. In other words let’s cut taxes which are creating future debt.

I know presidential panderers on both side want to raise SS taxes so our kids can pay back money to their parents, if……….

People don’t seem to think the SS debt means anything any way.

The stimulative tax cuts should give the money to the people who need and can use it and stop building debt which seems to be a dubious pedigree any way.

Better than giving tax cuts and newly printed money for the monied classes to trade CDOs among themselves.

This one was by ILSM.