Ted Olson: RUDY Supporter or Closest Democrat?

Full disclosure – I truly detest Ted Olson. But maybe his support for RUDY is really a backdoor way to make sure the next President is a Democrat. Let’s start with an piece by Richard Sisk:

Former Solicitor General Ted Olson, who introduced Giuliani, may have provided the gaffe of the day. Just a week after the indictment of former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik, Olson said Giuliani had shown “the wisdom and humility to surround himself with talented, dedicated and energetic people” as mayor.

A gaffe to Richard is “a funny” to Steve Benen:

Of all the ways to introduce Rudy Giuliani, this has to be the least sensible … Seriously? Giuliani’s strength is his choice in associates? Let’s put that to the test:

Steve starts his list with Bernie Kerik and just keeps on going!