RUDY on Surviving Breast Cancer

Greg Sargent and Eric Kleefeld listens to Rudy Giuliani on Faux News so we don’t have to. Rudy’s claim:

The same thing is true of women with breast cancer – the chance of surviving in the United States for a woman, much greater than in France, or in England or in Canada, or in Cuba where Michael Moore would like us all to go for health care.

Greg and Eric present the facts as they note Rudy continues to dissemble. Since Rudy mentioned Michael Moore, let’s recall when CNN’s Sanjay Gupta tried to claim Mr. Moore got something wrong – only to find out that Dr. Gupta did not have a clue what he was talking about. But that was over spending per capita – and Dr. Gupta is clueless when it comes to economic issues. But prostate and breast cancer are medical issues, which maybe he can get right. Suggestion to CNN – have Rudy and Dr. Gupta debate these issues.

Update: Steve Benen has more on Rudy’s comments including this claim:

GIULIANI: I don’t want to see us ruin our health care system the way I believe Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and John Edwards want to do with socialized medicine. And make no mistake about it, they want to do socialized medicine. The chance of a man surviving prostate cancer in the United States is somewhere, when I was doing it, 82, 84 percent. It’s probably over 90 percent now. In socialized medicine countries, some of them can be less than 50 percent.

Steve notes:

There isn’t an accurate statement here at all. Literally, nothing. He starts by lying about Dems, then lies about prostate cancer survival rates, and wraps it up with a lie about breast cancer survival rates. The reality is the five-year relative survival rate for breast cancer in the U.S. is 89%. In Canada, it’s 86%. In England, it’s 81%. The good news is, some media figures are starting to notice that the Republican frontrunner has an honesty problem.