RUDY Blames Bill Clinton for the Iraq War – Does He Think More DoD Spending Balances the Budget?

Via Steve Benen comes more stupidity from RUDY:

Republican Rudy Giuliani, campaigning in Iowa the same day that Bill Clinton was in the Hawkeye State, charged Thursday that the former president had weakened the American military and intelligence services through spending cuts during his administration. “Our military is too small to deal with the Islamic terrorism threats, but it really is too small to deter would-be aggressors to even think of challenging us. And that’s due to Bill Clinton,” Giuliani told students and others in the audience of about 350 at Iowa State University’s Memorial Union. “Bill Clinton cut our military and our intelligence budget by such a huge amount that we’ve never made up the difference,” said the former New York mayor, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. Giuliani said in response to a question about relations with China that the United States needs a bigger military, including at least 10 more combat brigades and a 300-ship Navy.

Steve asks:

Does this make any sense? What threats are we incapable of dealing with? And if they exist, why hasn’t Bush/Cheney done anything about it? We already spend more on the military than most of the world put together – who else does Giuliani want to invade? (Oh wait, don’t answer that.)

It’s obvious to everyone with an IQ above the teens that the horrible decision on March 19, 2003 is what is stretching our military beyond its limits. I guess Ron Paul is the only GOP candidate with a brain. But let’s go past foreign and military policy – something RUDY is totally clueless about – and turn to fiscal policy.

RUDY has already said reducing tax rates will lower the deficit. Now he says we should spend more – A LOT MORE – on defense spending. Does the arithmetic challenged egomaniac thinks DoD spending pays for itself too? Your modern Republican Party – advocating massive defense spending paying for it with tax “cuts”. Pathetic.