Noni Mausa asks: One All Purpose Flag?

This one is by Noni Mausa….


The Bush administration often repels criticism by wrapping itself in the flag. But now foreign leaders are trying it too.

From the New York Times: “…Just after midnight, General Musharraf appeared on state-run television. In a 45-minute speech, he said he had declared the emergency to limit terrorist attacks and “preserve the democratic transition that I initiated eight years back.”… The general, dressed in civilian clothes, quoted Lincoln, citing the former president’s suspension of some rights during the American Civil War as justification for his own state of emergency.

But wait, there’s more! This was no passing mention. The relevant part of the speech, about 3 minutes, may be heard on CBC radio in a RealPlayer stream at the bottom of the page (link here – Listen to The Current:Part 3 , beginning about 24:22 into the audio file.)


This one was by Noni Mausa. On a personal note, something about this post has left me thinking about the end of this classic scene from Fletch.