Way back when, we had a President who said this during a Q&A at a factory owned by one of his supporters:

I’m concerned about anybody who’s not working and wants to work. And so we’ll let the numbers talk. But in terms of policy and the focus of this administration, we’re going to do everything we can to increase jobs so people can find work.

One of the reasons we came here is Mike, in the midst of a significant downturn in his business, laid nobody off. There wasn’t one layoff at America II. If he was — well, you know, what about the numbers? Well, the numbers here show that he was in a big slowdown. Sales dropped by 40 percent. And yet, he understood his responsibility as a decent citizen, and nobody got laid off.

That President was GW in March of 2002.

Employers have a responsibility to their employees as decent citizens? GW said that? Has he ever said anything about those employers who weren’t what he would call decent citizens?