ILSM: Weak on Militarists

This one is by ILSM…


Weak on Militarists.

Real Americans are opposed to foreign entanglements, started with George Washington, who had just spent 6 years fighting off one of Britain’s foreign entanglement all the way down to some of the more derided liberals of today. However, they are all more American than Bush holding a Saudi prince’s hand and Cheney filling his trusts with oil profits.

Certainly more American than the long war for profit military industrial complex. ‘Always a threat, always an expensive, complicated, high profit solution to ‘serious’ threats.

So, when did it become “American” to be for militarism? When did we decide to toss George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson into the dust bin of fifth grade history class?

Why is a defense worker who exposes fraud called a critic?

Why am I called a liberal for advocating evaluating tests and when the quality is not proven, as in star wars, leaving the stuff in the lab?

Why is it necessary for the US to spend huge amounts of money for “capabilities” to do things with high profit military equipment which has not been evident in any potential adversary for 20 years or more?

Why does the US spend scarce moneys, borrowed from our grandchildren to have forces to invade countries whom we could never occupy?

Why does the US engage in long war with no valid measures of how we are contributing to any goal which might benefit the US?

Why does the US ignore Sun Tzu and numerous historical examples and failed attempts to wage perpetual war?

My answer is: people who never put a uniform on (as well as some who have) make a lot of money being “pro military”, while anyone who threatens their con is brushed as “weak on defense”.

Talk about bait and switch. If you are squeamish about Kruppe type militarism (the US taxpayers’ kids and grandkids sustain 6 to 10 ‘Kruppes’ today) you are “weak on defense”.

George Washington was weak on defense. And he had very little worry leading a weak US military out of town to end the Whiskey Rebellion.

Look what Kruppe got the Germans.


This one was by ILSM.