ILSM on Decisions at the Margins

This one is by ILSM…


Decisions on the Margins.

Rudy Guiliani’s use of sensational prostate cancer statistics is a time tested way for the demagogue to sway the crowd. Thinking about the cancer survival issue reminds me of Sputnik, yes I knew what it meant in 1957.

Then the Soviets revealed the fact that their Germans were ahead of our Germans in rocket science. The conclusion made was they were ahead of the US in science and technology in general. A conclusion made at the extreme margin which resulted in a huge and lengthy arms races, already on going, and extended cold war. The US reacted large at the margin.

In cancer survival rates, the opposite conclusion is made. The debate about extremes is used to say that “they” are not as good as the US and that we should not make any changes which might better the stance in health delivery for the 95% because we are better than “them” at the 5%.

The arguments over Rudy’s misuse of statistics missed the point. It is not false hypothesis testing, it is demagoguery.

Rudy would be 4 more years of deception and demagoguery.


This one was by ILSM.