Healthcare Part XVII – Malpractice Gone Wild

Three Kentucky lawyers are sitting in a Kentucky jail on multiple fraud charges in relation to a Fen-phen malpractice suit (a discredited diet drug).

After settlement the lawyers lied to the victims, and told some of the victims that discussing the settlement with anyone else was a criminal act subject to jail terms. Nice thing to do to sick people.

It seems that of a $200 million settlement the lawyers ate up $150 million or so, while lying to the victims about the terms of the settlement. There are allegations that the lawyers created a charity with a paid board seat for the state court trial judge.

This case got lots of publicity not because the victims were slammed but because the lawyers used some of the money to buy a piece of Curlin, a famous race horse from the 2006 season, while victims were still awaiting funds to pay medical bills.

There was a small amount of justice in the case when the lawyers started fightin amount themselves, over the money of course.

The federal district court trial judge will not allow the lawyers to post bail because they have been stonewalling about the whereabouts of some of the money.

I’ve thought for years that civil court settlements over $xx should be subject to a CPA review for proper distribution, and that all class action settlements should be reviewed. I’ve done this sort of review for a court when a juvenile was an accident victim. If everything is honest the cost isn’t that high.

This would, of course, drive the trial lawyers into a frenzy. But what about the victims?