Foreign Policy Experience: Biden v. RUDY

This is getting fun. A couple of weeks ago, Senator Biden had had enough of GOP tough talk with respect to Iran:

ABC News’ Mary Bruce Reports: Democratic Presidential candidate Sen. Joe Biden, D-Del., targeted a Republican rival this morning, accusing Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani of knowing “virtually nothing about foreign policy.” “I love these guys on the Republican side. They don’t – they know virtually – except for John McCain – virtually nothing about foreign policy,” Biden told ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos in a This Week interview. While Giuliani has promised that, if elected, Iran would never develop nuclear weapons, Biden said he could not make the same guarantee. “I can’t make the promise, but I am much more likely to achieve the result than Giuliani,” Biden, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, asserted … Biden, who was first elected to the Senate at age 29, went on to attack Giuliani’s record. “He’s been the mayor of a city, a great city. How does that qualify him…what has he demonstrated he knows about even national security?” “His claim to fame was he settled [New York] city, in terms of its violence. He did that with a Clinton-Biden crime bill. He got another 3,000 cops. They wipe out the crime bill, what do you hear from Giuliani? Not a word. What do you hear from Giuliani about the fact that we have a situation where the 9/11 Commission has recommended $41 million -billion worth of changes in our national security, the president has blown it off? What’s Giuliani – do you hear him talking about that at all? Do you hear him talking about cargo containers, about his ports, about anything?”

A few days ago, Biden said this:

“And the irony is, Rudy Giuliani, probably the most underqualified man since George Bush to seek the presidency, is here talking about any of the people here. Rudy Giuliani… I mean, think about it! Rudy Giuliani. There’s only three things he mentions in a sentence – a noun, a verb, and 9/11. There’s nothing else! There’s nothing else! And I mean this sincerely. He’s genuinely not qualified to be president.”

Greg Sargent reports that RUDY decided to fire back:

“It’s one thing to speak about what you want or even pass laws about it. It’s another thing to actually do it. Foreign policy experience to me means being an ambassador, being in the state department. Unless I’m missing something, Rudy explicitly used the words “foreign policy experience.” But then Rudy was later confronted about his contention that Biden Senate Foreign Relations Committee chair Biden lacks said experience. And he responded that he hadn’t attacked Biden this way at all. “I didn’t mention foreign policy.” Rudy said. Of course, Rudy did in fact “mention foreign policy.” Wolf Blitzer did fact-check Rudy here, but he also kind of laughed off Rudy’s mendacity

Greg also notes that Biden responded:

“Today’s comments come from a guy – Rudy Giuliani – who said Dick Cheney, the architect of Bush’s failed policy in Iraq, was a great choice for vice president and who recommended the now discredited Bernie Kerik to be Secretary of Homeland Security. Once again, Rudy has demonstrated his complete lack of knowledge of U.S. foreign policy.”

You can listen to RUDY here. More from Biden’s can be found here.
Of course, RUDY can always send out his attack dog known as Katie Levinson:

That prompted Katie Levinson, Giuliani’s communications director, to dredge up accusations that Biden plagiarized speeches, which helped sink his 1988 presidential bid. In her statement, she followed that up with this zinger: “Senator Biden certainly falls in to the bucket of those on the stage tonight who have never had executive experience and have never run anything. Wait, I take that back, Senator Biden has never run anything but his mouth. Such a desperate attack from Senator Biden is to be expected considering I – Katie Levinson have a better chance of becoming President than he does.”

Good grief! Multiple choice time. Is RUDY: (a) an egomaniac (as Josh Marshall suggests); (b) a village idiot; (c) a spoiled little child; or (d) all of the above?