Even Brent Bozell Stoops to Dishonesty When Writing for the National Review

Surprise, surprise – more Hillary bashing from the National Review:

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, the national media have flagrantly abandoned their duty as a supposedly independent, dispassionate press. They have shamelessly served as cheerleaders for Mrs. Clinton from the moment she emerged on the national scene in 1992, with Time’s Margaret Carlson describing her as “an amalgam of Betty Crocker, Mother Teresa, and Oliver Wendell Holmes.”

Actually, Brent Bozell is using this as yet another excuse to bash the media as having some liberal bias. Greg Sargent, however, notes that Mr. Bozell just told a big fat lie with his attack on Margaret Carlson. But in Brent’s defense – the crew running the National Review expect their writers to lie to their readers if it’s necessary to do a little liberal bashing.