CoRev on Supporting the Troops

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Today’s WaPo had an article Gift of thanks for the Troops an article by Army major Elizabeth L. Robbins. In it are a couple of keeper quotes. Simple things do make a difference.

Those of us overseas know that “support the troops” is more than a slogan. Here we are besieged by what my master sergeant calls “paper love,” the cards, letters, posters and other gestures of support sent by people across America. The paper love is often accompanied by packages of snacks and comfort items.

And this one on the effect of such gratitude.

Cynics might think these expressions of goodwill from strangers are hokey, but they are tacked on the walls of nearly every workspace, living area and hospital ward in Iraq.

This past May, a young soldier received several hundred tributes drawn by children at McNair Elementary School in Herndon, Va., where his mother does volunteer work. He taped them up along a hallway at Multi-National Force-Iraq headquarters, forming the letters T-H-A-N-K Y-O-U.

Members of our coalition partners’ armed forces congregated in the hallway looking at the posters with wonder. They asked passersby, “American children send these to you? They are so beautiful!” Some shook their heads and confessed that they were stunned at the support we enjoy from our people back home.

So, if you are not already supporting our troops, please reconsider.

Here’s an excellent and easy to accomplish approach to support that helps some of our most needy troops: Valour IT provides voice activated laptop computers for our wounded vets.


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