Beating Kevin Drum to the Punch – Random Friday Catblogging

Regular readers may recall the saga of McGinty (a.k.a. The Big Pooper), the monster cat (now at 21 pounds) that the Ex-GF and I kidnapped from behind the dumpster where she was living. Previously, she had been one of the many cats on my feral cat feeding route. A bit friendlier than most, which helps explain how the kidnapping plot was hatched.

Anyhow, Big Poop usually spends much of the day assisting me on my work – her favorite perch is at the edge of my desk where she has a great view of whatever is on the monitor. That is, when her eyes are open. But she also likes to lie in various other places – the new rug, the couch, a double wide cat scratcher on the balcony, and the bed are all favorites. And over the past year and change, she’s become something of a talker. If you come upon a piece of furniture that has been catted, she usually looks up at you and meows a hello.

Here’s what that looks like:

She’s a handsome cat, despite the cauliflower ear.