Water Wars Updated

For the past two decades metro Atlanta has grown in a wild, crazy, largely unplanned and largely unregulated frenzy.

Many business owners and workers prefer the lack of a significant winter and the lower taxes. Yahoo!

No one, apparently, thought about the long term or the lack of infrastructure much, as those topics don’t win elections, and low taxes are always good, right?

Well, with no additional water storage capacity, Atlanta metro may be the first metro area in American history to run out of water.

Florida, Georgia and Alabama are fighting over various water sources and uses, and all of them want the federal government to “do something.” What exactly the federal government can “do” is a mystery, beyond possibly reshuffling what water is still there.

No to rub it in, but if I were to set a drill rig on my back lawn and drill for two hours I would likely hit an aquifer with almost infinite water, and I live in the drier part of our area.

Businesses are welcome in the rustbelt, where we have almost limitless water for use (not for pumping to other parts of the country though). Housing is cheap right now, but there will be a winter, there always is.