Water Wars

Several months ago I predicted a water war in the next decade.

Tens of millions of Americans have or are migrating to the southern and western states,
where there are many areas of chronic water shortages (duh).

Now Governor Bill Richardson has fired the first shot, suggesting a national water policy, which is shorthand for stealing water from the Great Lakes. Rustbelters are outraged, some suggesting we sell Richardson water at $80.00 a barrel.

Vegas, probably the fastest growing area in the country, is sucking as much from the Colorado as it can, and will still have major shortages, perhaps within months.

The Great Lakes are in a low cycle and any diversion would probably be an ecological disaster.

Beyond that, should those in the midwest pay for the bad judgments of many other citizens and public officials?

(Most of the Democrats are refusing to set foot in Michigan because it has an early primary, and ignoring Ohio because of a late primary. Maybe they can get water from New Hampshire.)

Individuals and businesses are welcome to move back to the Great Lakes area, where there is plenty of water, plenty of electricity and inexpensive housing.