Up in Smoke

My heart bleeds for the citizens of California who are being burned out of their homes. This is an awful, terrible unfortunate disaster that seems to be getting bigger all of the time. And the firemen who are risking their lives – my heroes.


These fine citizens built their homes in the midst of thousands of acres of dry brush, some in mud slide zones to boot.

Sure, it is nice to live in San Diego, I would love an ocean view (or even a lake view), but the risk assumed is immense.

In the mid 80s I spent some time in Laguna, where huge homes were being built in the midst of dry brush on the sides of steep hills. Being a flatlander I commented to some of my hosts about the seemingly crazy level of risk. The response was a shrug. Since then most of those homes either burned or slid down on the highway. I’m guessing some were rebuilt in the same places.

Is an ocean view worth so much risk? Is this crazy or what? Is avoiding winter so important?

Shout out to Cactus: You ok dude?