TBogg… on Medical Marijuana and other things

This from TBogg sums up my feelings perfectly. And I note that other than the prescription for Vicodin (I never had that or any other mind-altering drug prescribed as far as I can remember), I could in all honesty state everything he’s stated.

Three things that I hope to see happen before I’m gone.

1. Unencumbered travel to Cuba.
2. Universal health care
3. Legalizing medical marijuana

I don’t drink, I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life, I don’t take anything stronger than Sudafed. I’ve even had times when I have been prescribed Vicodin and I still don’t use it because it makes me feel stupid(er). And, no, you can’t have it, so don’t ask. But there may come a day when I will want something that will ease my pain without side-effects before I take that stroll down oblivion way.