Someone’s Plea for Help on SSDI

Sometimes I get e-mail responding to posts. Usually, its from readers. Sometimes its from folks who find the post doing a search on something important to them. I think the message below is one such e-mail…


I was told that now my husbands income makes it to where I am no longer able to receive SSI —–but he isn’t able to cover me under his health insurance ether do to the high cost & they won’t cover past health issues. When I tried to talk to the Person at SS I was told to divorce my husband or have it nulled and live with him and I could be put back on the program–I was so hurt and upset —how do you handle this–and when will it no longer count what your husband makes for if you’re hurt and unable to work and are on SSI you need that income and medical to help the household out? Now a days you can’t live on one income.

I was told I was 4 quarters to short to receive SSDI. I can’t even get medical –this is very sad—– Can you help?


If this is something you know about, and want to help, let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the person who wrote the message.