Rudy Wants to Start World War IV

Via Greg Sargent comes something to really be scared about as reported by the New York Observer:

Norman Podhoretz believes that America needs to go to war soon with Iran. As far as he knows, Rudy Giuliani thinks the same thing. “I was asked to come in and give him a briefing on the war, World War IV,” said Mr. Podhoretz, a founding father of neoconservatism and leading foreign policy adviser to Mr. Giuliani. “As far as I can tell there is very little difference in how he sees the war and how I see it.”

Greg has more on this neocon insanity. But I must be missing something. Last time I checked, we had World War I and World War II. So what happened to World War III? Or maybe Rudy knows that Dick Cheney still has another 15 months in office and there’s something else in the works. How did we elect and then re-elect these idiots?