Rudy: The Pure Combined Essence of Bush-Cheney

Kevin Drum treats us to an analysis by Rachel Morris of the governing style of Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Kevin focused on one aspect where the mayor overstepped his authority and just stiffed audits of how City Hall spent money. Kevin summarizes:

Choosing the best presidential candidate among the 2008 contenders is a tough job. Picking the worst is easy. Rudy Giuliani is the guy you’d get if you put George Bush and Dick Cheney into a wine press and squeezed out their pure combined essence: unbounded arrogance and self-righteousness, a chip on his shoulder the size of a redwood, a studied contempt for anybody’s opinion but his own, a vindictive streak a mile wide, and a devotion to secrecy and executive power unmatched in presidential history. He is a disaster waiting to happen.

But this is an economist blog – right? Well, this excerpt is about fiscal policy. Isn’t Rudy also a member of the Cheney free lunch wing of the supply-side silly school? If you think the Bush-Cheney fiscal policy is great – Rudy is your candidate.