PlameGate Aftermath: It’s Official – Robert Novak is a Liar

Mike Soraghan plays Steno Sue for Robert Novak:

Columnist Robert Novak said Saturday Ambassador Joe Wilson did not forcefully object to the naming of his CIA operative wife, Valerie Plame Wilson, when Novak spoke to him prior to the publication of a column that sparked a federal investigation and sent White House aide I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby to jail.

Jesus H. Christ – this canard was debunked a long time ago. But in case you missed it, Greg Sargent interviews Joe Wilson:

I just got off the phone with former Ambassador Joe Wilson, and in our conversation he angrily disputed Robert Novak’s latest assertion about the outing of his CIA operative wife, adding that if the columnist isn’t going to confession, “he’s going straight to Hell.”

After Joe calmed down, he told Greg the truth. That Robert Novak is still lying about this is no surprise. That Mike Soraghan reports Novak’s dishonest claims as facts suggests to me that The Hill should fire this idiot.

Update: Our new troll has done it again. He cherry picks a few quotes from a 7/20/2004 piece by David Corn called Bashing Joe Wilson. Anon left out the real story:

But now Wilson’s detractors on the right claim the critical issue is Wilson’s credibility on two points: whether his wife was involved in the decision to send him to Niger and whether he accurately portrayed his findings regarding his Niger trip. And they have made use of the Senate intelligence report — particularly additional comments filed by committee chairman Pat Roberts and two other Republican members of the committee, Kit Bond and Orrin Hatch – to pound Wilson. But not only does the get-Wilson crusade ignore the main question — did White House officials break the law and damage national security to take a swing at a critic? – it overstates and manipulates the material in the Senate report.

Our new troll is an idiot!