OMG! Fox News Fact Checks AP and Defends Senator Clinton

Greg Sargent catches AP acting like Faux News and a Fox reporter correcting the record! We’ll just run the accurate reporting by this fellow from Fox:

But the Associated press and the Obama campaign have seized on that, and characterized it as something of a flip flop, because Hillary Clinton criticized Barack Obama earlier this year when in a debate he said that he would meet in the first year of his presidency with a whole host of foreign despots, including Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro, and Ahmadinejad of Iran, and that he’d do so without conditions. Well, they claimed that Hillary Clinton suddenly embraced that position, but in truth she did not. Where Mr. Obama was talking about meeting with leaders in the first year of his administration, Hillary Clinton yesterday was talking about negotiations with Iran the country.

Amazing! I guess AP was shamed and decided to report this accurately after all. While Holly Ramer’s story says 17 hours ago – check the links from 2 hours ago.