Michigan Mayhem and Madness

I have always lived near Michigan and now am spending a great deal of time in the state. I hope to semi-retire near a lake with a lot of fish (but I will never be a Wolverine fan – yuck).

Michigan, in the throes of a six year recession, and with four years of gruesome home foreclosures, is looking for some help, any help, and moved up the presidential primary.

The folks here do not think New Hampshire and Iowa should decide the fate of the nation.

The GOP was miffed but very shortly a GOP debate will start in Michigan. It will be interesting to hear what is said about taxes, trade and jobs.

The Democrats are in a complete huff. AP today….

“LANSING, Mich. – Four Democratic candidates have withdrawn from Michigan’s Jan. 15 presidential primary, leaving what amounts to a beauty contest for front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and a handful of lesser-knowns

Barack Obama, John Edwards and Bill Richardson filed paperwork Tuesday, the deadline to withdraw from the ballot, said Kelly Chesney, spokeswoman for the Michigan Secretary of State’s office. A fourth candidate, Joe Biden, said in a statement that he was bypassing Michigan’s primary…..”

Well, ain’t this interesting? Michigan has been a reliable blue state, but this may throw the state political scene into chaos.

Bad move by the Dems? Will the GOP candidates help or hurt themselves? Is Hillary helped?