Mark Steyn’s Version of For the Children

Via Bestsy’s Page, we get to Mark Steyn at the National Review:

And so in a democratic system today’s electors vote to keep the government gravy coming and leave it to tomorrow for “the children” to worry about. That’s the real “war on children” — and every time you add a new entitlement to the budget you make it less and less likely they’ll win it.

Regular readers know that whether you look at national debt held by the public as a percentage of GDP or in real per capita terms, it only increased under three Presidents: Reagan, GHW, and GW. (In that order, I might add, and the annualized increase under Reagan was more than under GHW + GW, so far.)

Now, I believe Steyn is one of them foreigner people (and of the Canadian variety, no less), but I also believe had he had a chance to vote in the last two American Presidential elections, he would have voted for GW. And were he to pick the two best Presidents since WW2, I would imagine he’d go with Reagan as numero uno and GW as second best.

Now maybe I’ve mischaracterized Mr. Steyn. Maybe he thinks Reagan was dangerously irresponsible and GW is following in those footsteps. Alternatively, perhaps he thinks a war on children is a good thing. Or maybe he’s so completely uninformed that reading his opinion on anything causes a noticeable reduction in the number of one’s brain cells.

There’s a lot more to criticize in his article, but my head is starting to hurt. A lot. I wonder if that’s a sign of anything…