This one is by ILSM:


Considering the amount of money spent on militarism, I am quite annoyed by the issues raised about few billion for childrens’ health care.

The president vetoed a bill for children while we see a billion dollars a year paid to mercenary thugs working for a republican contributor’s dream of pillaging the US.

One of the arguments which gets to me is the idea that: ‘they should not have children if they cannot keep health insurance’.

A significant contribution to the debate on abortion. They cannot terminate the pregnancy but when the child needs sustenance they are at fault for ever having the kids. I guess only the rich deserve to “go forth and multiply”.

Krugman says this is hardheartedness and ad hominem attacks which has been going on since Reagan told an interviewer in 1964 the hungry in America were dieting.

I rather see it as: anyone who has no health insurance is the same an an outlaw serf from the manor.

In Anglo Norman England in the 1200’s serfs were the wage slave, or maybe the African American slave. They were the cheap labor. Dependent on the manor and its lord for socially accepted norms of living. In effect, they were the folks with decent jobs within society. They had no safety net and they were pretty miserable, but they were “covered” in the norms of the day.

Those who would or could not enslave themselves to the manor went off into the forest and became outlaw. Being outlaw made you less than human, in a society which raged in Christianity. An outlaw could be killed on sight and certainly would be brought in and dealt with severely in public displays of cruel warning to others who might have a mind to differ from the norm. In many cases the road to outlawry was quite innocent, usually just demand to be treated as a human being.

The thing missing in the SCHIP debate is the reason for jokers like Reagan.

The reason conservative don’t want SCHIP expanded is because it is another assault on the modern manor system.

For example, consider the growing number of young soldiers who have children. A strong motive for joining the Army is the Tri Care insurance they get for their dependents.

If we get rid of SCHIP then there is more recruiting appeal for the Army. Or eventually a young man with kids and no insurance is the same as a medieval outlaw if he is not in the Army or sold his soul to a manor like employer who doles out benefits.

The rage from the conservatives is to preserve the modern manor system and not reward outlaws with SCHIP for their kids.

It is acceptable to make cruel jokes of the outlaws.

The conservatives are in favor of proper society.

Just do not be different.


This one was by ILSM.