ILSM on Blackwater

ILSM sent me an e-mail last night. I’ve edited it slightly…


Blackwater is not contributing to any positive result in the war on terror. The prime objective is to profit from the most expensive, long war approach to this quagmire.

Frank J. Gaffney Jr., founder of Center for Security Policy was on Chris Mathews this evening doing what he has done since working for the Reagan administration: justifying the continued waste of money on the war machine as the only deliverer of national security. For Gaffney, like many who make a lot of money from the military industrial complex, all spending on war machine profit is good.

This time Gaffney was defending Blackwater, for profit ‘Pinkerton Agents’, who have run amok in Iraq. These private investigators are not doing military jobs and they are not needed there or anywhere because the US is not running a draft. They are not filling in for an overextended military. If the military is not producing in Iraq and Afghanistan it is because they are not being used in a productive manner. The war machine is not the answer to this or many other problems where they are used to justify their profits.

Blackwater and other Pinkerton like agencies are in Iraq because some connected person devised a profit making business plan and sold it to DoD and State. A good connection on K Street works, too. Blackwater is not doing anything tactical, not that anything they do would add to the lack of progress in the failed occupation of Iraq.

You all might check to see if the use of Blackwater violates the Anti Pinkerton Act, 5 USC 5108. Their business model is possibly illegal. That is nothing odd for this administration and their beneficiaries.

Whether hiring Blackwater is legal or not the points made by Gaffney are wrong, a few straw men like how expert and unique Blackwater people are to make it sound like it makes sense to have these Pinkerton agent running around Iraq as an ancillary to the unproductive military occupation that otherwise should be called a quagmire.

Gaffney is not defending Blackwater he is defending the flow of profit to the war machine, huge expenses and no productive result.

Blackwater is a platoon level firefight in the war to keep the military industrial complex waste machine rolling.


This one was by ILSM.