Healthcare Part XV – Cough Medicine Recall and Meatloaf

Pharma companies are voluntarily recalling pediatric cough and cold medicines, not because the medicines are defective but apparently because parents administer doses beyond what is stated in the instructions, potentially overdosing their children.

And what does this have to do with me eating cold meatloaf tonight?


Wife: They are recalling perfectly good meds because parents don’t read the instructions.

Me: Yes.

Wife: That is stupid.

Me: Yes, but people are stupid. Or in a hurry. Or sleepy.

Wife: They shouldn’t take away my freedom because other people are stupid.

Me: Our youngest child is 21.

Wife: You never stick to the point.

Me: You have been an RN for 34 years, you are an expert on administering hundreds of medications. You were not a typical parent.

Wife: So what. You never stick to the point. That is stupid. Why don’t men ever stick to the point?

Some sociologist can pick up from here. Cold meatloaf is ok with enough mustard.

And always be careful with OTC medications, especially when children are involved.